NS52.com is one of a number of DNS servers used to provide Domain Name System services to various sites such as ExampleOnly.com.   Using different domains rather than a single domain name for all of a web site’s name servers (such as ns1.some-isp.com and ns2.some-isp.com) allows avoiding a single point of failure.  For example, on Tuesday, June 8, 2010 four name servers (ns1.domainservice.com through ns4.domainservice.com) were down all at once, causing the failure of any web sites using those name servers, even though those web sites had twice the minimum number of name servers configured.

We provide administration and support for various systems including:

  1. Fault-Tolerant DNS (Domain Name System) configuration

  2. Large-scale conversion and migration projects between enterprise operating systems, including z/OS and Linux

  3. Database Administration Services including conversion and migration between various Database Management Systems

  4. Development and support of sales, fulfillment, distribution, HR and other enterprise applications for catalog, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, government and other organizations (through our relationships with other IT application consulting firms).

Fault-Tolerant DNS Services

For more information, contact Mr. Simpson at +1-412 337-3113